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New Release

Thank you for stopping by and visiting our website. Coy and Geoff are happy that you are here. We write fantasy crime fiction (our Constable Inspector Lunaria Adventure series) and vampire noir fiction (our Saul Imbierowicz series). Visit our books page to see our titles and find links to purchase them. We are also working on a new series of books that are inspired by the classic spy movies and TV shows from the past - our Flint Dagger series for fantasy spy thrillers.

If you want to get a glimpse behind the writing scenes, or check out books that we recommend, plus other ramblings, check out our blog. And if you want to stay up on the latest information from us, check out our contact page where you can sign up for our newsletter. And if you want to learn a bit more about us check out our bio.

In 2022 we released the third book in the Constable Inspector Lunaria Adventure series, Fear of the Minister's Justice. Since then we have been working on two new books, Unspeakable, a prequel novel to the Saul trilogy, and Dr. Gnoll, the first book in the Flint Dagger series.


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