Hello good readers, and happy and joyous holidays. It is December 24th as we write this, but there are a few holidays coming up in the new year, so it will be okay if this post stays up a while (it probably will).

As we prepare to release the next Saul book in March - Untouchable - we have been busy little writers and now have a draft of the next Reva Lunaria Adventure as well! Joy of the Widow's Tears a great adventure, with Reva and Ansee getting to tangle with some very nasty undead as a newly converted zealot tries to expand his church by converting the good citizens of Tenyl - anyway he can! We have really enjoyed writing this second Reva adventure and are excited to introduce you to Aavril Paroth, Reva's sailor boyfriend. Plus we get to spend a bit of one-on-one time with Constable Inspector Pflamtael as well. There's also a fun new character, a half-elven cleric who is a follower of Banok, the God of Chaos. You can just imagine what sort of fun we had inserting him into Reva's life. 

Joy is being sent out to our intrepid beta readers, and hopefully they love it as much as we do! (Please, pretty please!) The book is scheduled for an early summer release, so keep checking back here (or social media) for updates.

As we wrap up the writing on Joy of the Widow's Tears we are getting advance copies of Untouchable out to reviewers. We've already gotten another great review from Ron Fortier over at Pulp Fiction Reviews, so we are very excited by Ron's continued support for Saul's story. Untouchable will be released in March and you can pop over to our book page where you can find links to pre-order the book from your favorite online retailer, or give the info to you favorite indie bookstore and ask them to order a copy for you.

But we aren't done yet! While getting Joy of the Widow's Tears all wrapped up and getting Untouchable ready for you, we've been hard at work on writing the third book in the Saul trilogy. We don't have a release date yet (probably in 2021 if we can stay on schedule) but we are getting the writing done. Book three is called Unavoidable and will complete the Al Capone trilogy with Saul. You can expect a lot of Saul's questions to be answered in book three, though as usual every answer will lead to even more questions as he continues to tackle the changes that being a vampire has brought him. 

Thank you to all of our amazing fans who have followed us this year. We've had a great year in 2019 and we are looking forward to bringing you more amazing stories in 2020. In addition to the two novels we are working on some short stories and Geoff has been able to get at least one short story published already for 2020. It should be another exciting year.


As always, you can follow us on Facebook, or you can follow Geoff on Twitter. Now, we need to get back to writing!

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