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Cover Reveal: Fear of the Minister's Justice

Greetings, friends! The new Reva book is coming along, and we’ll have the first copies available for sale starting in April at our table at Planet Comicon Kansas City. The official release from the publisher won’t be until October, so this will be your chance to get a copy before everybody else.

To celebrate, we're revealing the cover for the third book in the Constable Inspector Reva Lunaria series: Fear of the Minister’s Justice.

Once again, this great cover was illustrated by Mike Wagner. Mike really captured the feel and mood that we were looking for for this cover, with Reva facing off against an unknown person. Who is the mysterious elf with the staff and the broad-brimmed hat? They are clearly a threat, based upon the way Reva is reacting.

The full cover teases even more of what is going on…

And here’s the full illustration without all the text, so you can appreciate all of the details that Mike was able to capture.

Clearly, there's a lot of action taking place. Ansee is facing off with another Constable, a fellow Seeker. A building burns in the background. Whose home is on fire? Why is Ansee confronting another Seeker? And is the mysterious figure in front of Reva the cause?

We really love the entire composition that Mike put together, a dynamic scene filled with action and mystery, which is sure to draw the reader into the story. We hope that you love the cover as much as we do.

To make it easier for to read, here’s the synopsis from the back cover for the book:

An assassin stalks Tenyl’s streets, and Seeker Ansee Carya is his next target.

Constable Inspector Reva Lunaria has thrown herself into her work with a passion. Some think it’s become an obsession, as Reva’s addiction to the stimulant Wake worsens. Tensions are high, as Reva and Ansee investigate a murderer targeting the city’s sorcerers. Once the serial killer is stopped, Reva doesn’t rest, and instead begins working with Sucra Inquisitor Amalaki to uncover a plot against the royal family in the Nul Pfeta slums. Meanwhile, LCI Betulla makes dramatic changes to the Constabulary that rips Reva’s team apart. As Constables Ghrellstone and Gania are reassigned to Nul Pfeta, more sorcerers are killed, their bodies displayed to taunt Reva and Ansee. Is this the work of a copycat, or something more nefarious? As Reva and Amalaki close in on the Nul Pfeta conspirators, Ansee must confront an assassin who wants him dead, along with anyone else who gets in the way.

Fear of the Minister's Justice will be officially released in October, but we will have copies available to sell at the Planet Comicon convention in Kansas City later in April. See you there!

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