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Fantastic Humorous Sci-Fi

What is there to say about Max and the Snoodlecock? I mean, other than the fact that Snoodlecock is such a cool word to say. Try it out,, no...longer on the "O", draw it out...yes, like that.

Okay, beyond really cool made up words, book two of the Max and the Multiverse is another exciting, fun-filled romp through the imagination of one of the best humorous sci-fi writers of our times (that would be Zach). Don't believe me, well, then we can agree to disagree or decide to duel. I have my spacesuit glove and I'm not afraid to call you out. I choose star-killing lasers at 10 parsecs.

In book 2, Max and gang (the cool, pragmatic Zoey and the unflappable Perra, and the snarky and very indifferent Ross) make a pit stop to resupply their ship. While there they are suddenly and ruthlessly attacked by an unknown assassin, and are saved by the help of the a fore mentioned Snoodlecock. As the group high-tail it out of there they decide to lay low in the one place in the universe guaranteed to offer safety, since most other intelligent life avoids Phil's Place like the plague. But all is not well, and Max is kidnapped by a mysterious group. It's up to Zoey, Perra, Ross, and the Snoodlecock named Steve to try and save Max.

My synopsis really doesn't do this book justice, because I really want to tell you about (SPOILERS) and about (SPOILERS) and how funny, and entertaining the entire (SPOILERS) was. Let's just say that this book is a lot of fun to read. Max continues to experience a new reality every time he falls asleep, some better than the rest, and the (SPOILERS) at the end is quite an interesting turn. But for me, the character that really stands out in this book is Phil, a giant blob of a creature who is so isolated that the mere thought of physical contact with another lifeform sends Phil into orgasmic bliss. Phil is a fun bundle of crazy, and he really makes this book stand out.

So why are you still reading this and not getting your copy of Max and the Snoodlecock (no, no...draw out the "O" like I said earlier, that's better)? You will be happy you did.

You can get your copy of Max at Amazon.

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