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Max and the Banjo Ferret Review

Max and the Banjo Ferret is a fun, fast-paced, adventure that closes out (maybe?) the Max and the Multiverse trilogy. Once again Zachry has created a wonderfully crazy story that pits Max, Zoey, Perra, and Ross against nefarious bad guys - in this case the return of Lord Essien (from book 1) and Nifan "The Dossier" (and a few other titles I can't post in a family-friendly review). I don't want to say more because, well SPOILERS, but Max and Ross must find a way off of the planet Yankar and reunite with Zoey and Perra (who in this current version of the multiverse don't know who Max is). Hi-jinx and mayhem ensue, there's a lot of things blowing up, and a giant purple ferret. It's a crazy fun ride.

For me, the best part of Max and the Banjo Ferret - aside from the might Tim, The Destroyer of Worlds (long live Ferretianism!) - was the Terramesh. This conglomeration of 80 worlds (well, 86 to be exact) bound together by gravity technology nobody seems to really understand creates a wonderful backdrop to the craziness that takes place and makes this story stand up there with greats of science fiction inventiveness like Asimov, Niven, and Heinlein. (No? Well, we can agree to disagree, but certainly a movie based on Max and the Banjo Ferret would rival Valerian or The Fifth Element for visual stunningness (yes, that is a word now).) Also, I love Lord Essien, who takes no (bleep) from anybody and dishes out death and destruction as casually as if flicking lint off of her clothes.

I highly recommend Max and the Banjo Ferret, though if you've not read books 1 or 2 in the Max series you need to do that first (it's worth it - and oh, Phil makes a guest appearance in book 3! - I love Phil).

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