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Reva Adventure Cover Sneak Peek

We thought we’d share a sneak peek at the cover art for the new Constable Inspector Lunaria Adventure that will be coming out later this year.

Once again we are working with the fantastically talented Mike Wagner to create a cover worthy of a Reva adventure. Mike worked with us to create the covers for Wrath of the Fury Blade and Joy of the Widow’s Tears. Some of you may know that we worked with Mike on previous projects for Tangent Games. You may not know that Geoff first met Mike in Albuquerque where Mike and his wife were part of a game group that Geoff joined way back in 2000! Geoff found a gaming group at an area game store that was playing a totally home-built RPG. We had a blast playing in this unique game system until Mike had a job opportunity back east. But we stayed in touch and when Coy and Geoff were working on our Ados: Land of Strife campaign setting (which is the foundation of the setting for the Reva series) we reached out to Mike to create art for some of the new creatures like the Anzimeer and the Toumen. He delivered and when we were writing our first adventure module, Temple of the Forgotten God, Mike delivered again with incredible art for the Shura.

So, when we started writing the Constable Inspector Lunaria Adventures we knew that we wanted Mike to do the covers for us for the books. The first time that Mike showed us a sketch of Reva we knew that he had hit the ball out of the park. And we loved the cover for Wrath. And when we gave him the concept for the cover for Joy of the Widow’s Tears he created another cool cover filled with action and menace.

With our third book, Fear of the Minister’s Justice, we gave Mike a lot more freedom to come up with a design. (In the first two books Geoff had very specific ideas, and despite that limitation Mike gave us awesome covers.) As you can see from the sketches, Mike is again giving us a cover that we are proud to have for our book. We can’t wait to show you the final cover, but for now we hope you will enjoy this little tease.

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