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Review of Dust in the Deep

Dust of the Deep, the second book in the Wings of Earth series, sees Captain Walker in control of his own fate as master of the Olympus Dawn. With a new crew and a first job that will pay really well, Walker’s life seems to be turning around. But a stop at Escabosan reveals that Ethan has gotten on the wrong side of the Shipmaster’s Guild. Worse, the passenger he was supposed to pick up is missing and the cargo he’s carrying could land him in trouble with FleetCom. All of this, and he hasn’t even reached his destination yet. When he does, a notorious privateer will put Walker’s, and the rest of crew of the Olympus Dawn, lives in danger.

Eric Michael Craig delivers another exciting space adventure. While Ethan Walker is the main character and the story is told from his point of view, the other characters all shine through, from Nukko and Rene, to Kaycee and new characters like Ammo and Quintan. Craig’s writing makes all of their personalities shine through – especially Quintan. But what I really enjoyed is the plot. Craig keeps the tension ratcheting up as Ethan and the crew face off against the privateer and a client whose ego is bigger than the oort cloud. At the same time, Craig sprinkles in tidbits of a larger story arc that will want you to pick up the next book.

Once again Eric Michael Craig delivers an exciting space adventure filled with drama, action, cunning, and humor. The story is fast-paced, and the characters remind me of other ramshackle space crews trying to earn a living in the black. Go pick up your copy today.

You can pick up Dust of the Deep as an ebook or paperback.

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