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Review of Thursday Midnight

Thursday Midnight is Zachry Wheeler’s powerful sequel to Transient. Taking place a few years after the events of Transient, Jonas has kept his word with Agent Korovin of NExUS. But that doesn’t mean that Jonas has been idle. He’s been working in secret to show that humans and eternals can live together, that the hatred was not necessary. As Jonas starts his newest campaign in the deepest parts of the internet, trying to change the minds of eternals that the remnant humans are not a threat, a brutal murder of several eternals takes place in Seattle. Agent Korovin is brought in to investigate, but the killer seems to be three steps ahead of NExUS at every point, and this killer has one goal: to meet Jonas.

Powerful is not a word I use lightly when reviewing books, and it applies to Thursday Midnight. From the very first chapter in the book Zach pulls you into a world that is both familiar (if you read Transient) but you are immediately aware that the rules have changed. They have changed for Agent Korovin and the other NExUS agents. They have changed for Jonas and Anna. And they have changed for the reader. From the first descriptions in chapter one I was sucked in and captivated (held hostage?) by the story. And by the end, after the twists, turns, and shocking reveals, I was left breathless. The ending is a gut punch, not only for Jonas but for the reader. But it is a wonderful gut punch because you can see how far Zach is taking the story and the characters, see the risks he is taking as an author to write the story as it must be told, not trying to sugar coat it or tone it down. The story is laid raw and bare before the reader, nothing is sanitized, and because of this Zach has elevated the story to the next level. It may be too much for many readers, but in Thursday Midnight Zachry Wheeler has reset the bar for storytelling.

I highly recommend Thursday Midnight. It is a powerful story with a shocking ending. The book mixes vampire lore set in a utopian, though very gritty, future, but everything is painted over with subtle shades of dystopia. I challenge you to not be shocked by the ending, and I look forward to seeing how Zach will finish out the trilogy. Zachry Wheeler has another winner on his hands.

You can order a copy of Thursday Midnight on Amazon.

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