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Coming Soon - Joy of the Widow's Tears

Our next fantasy adventure featuring Constable Inspector Reva Lunaria is coming soon. The official release date for Joy of the Widow's Tears is June 2. Here's a bit of a preview for the book:

It's been a month since the events of Wrath of the Fury Blade, and Reva and her partner, Seeker Ansee Carya, are settling into a routine. Ansee is still not Cas, Reva's previous partner, but he's starting to fit in. Meanwhile, Reva's boyfriend, Aavril is returning from several months at sea. The latest voyage of the Majestic Tern has been profitable, but has ended on a sour note as Erroll, one of the crew, is punished for attempting to steal a necklace from Loren, the ship's First Mate. Arriving in Tenyl Aavril hopes to spend some time with Reva, but he's not sure how he will tell Reva about the promotion that will keep him at sea when he's said he'd consider finding work on shore so they can spend more time together.

As Aavril's ship arrives, Reva and Ansee bust two groups of adventurers for...well, for being adventurers. They've fallen victim to the entertainment of a halpbloed cleric named Pfastbinder, a devoted follower of Banok, the god of chaos. Pfastbinder revels in the chaos his little joke has caused, but in the end is let off on a technicality while the adventurers are allowed to gain some valuable experience by spending a night in jail. All in a day's work, though keeping the city safe from clueless adventurers will have severe repercussions for Reva.

Erroll has his own plans as he follows the First Mate. He's going to get the necklace that rightfully belongs to him, no matter what. When Loren finds his girlfriend is sleeping with someone else, he loses his temper and gives Erroll the opportunity he was looking for. Soon he will have the necklace, and find himself in the service of Dreen, the god of pain and suffering.

Reva and Aavril's reunion is interrupted by a murder investigation. But as Reva's team arrives at the scene of the crime they discover that there are no victims. There is evidence of a violent crime, but the bodies have disappeared. Reva's investigation into the missing corpses is stopped suddenly when Lord Constable Inspector Betulla contrives a way to get Reva suspended. With Reva temporarily off the force, the murder investigation is given to Constable Inspector Pflamtael, who is looking to find the fastest resolution to the case.

Meanwhile, Ansee investigates what appears to be a simple missing person case, until he discovers that the missing people – including their two murder victims – have become zombies. Now, Reva must work from outside the constabulary to figure out who is creating the undead, and how to stop the creatures before all of Tenyl becomes infected. Unfortunately for Reva, this means partnering up with Pfastbinder and infiltrating the nascent cult of Dreen. Events spiral out of control and Reva is soon fighting for her life and New Port is assaulted by undead. Everything culminates in an epic battle on the deck of Majestic Tern, with the fate of the city resting on the outcome.

Joy of the Widow's Tears is available to order from all major online retailers in print and ebook formats.

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