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Countdown to Launch

We are less than a week away for the official release of Coy and my first novel, Unremarkable. It will be out on Valentine's Day!

We have had a lot of great feedback already about the book, including book reviews by Publishers Weekly and a great Clarion review. Plus some great comments from others.

Why release a book on Valentine's Day? In our case we wanted to tie the holiday into the events of the book, which opens on the fateful day of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago, 1929. The events of that day have important consequences for our main character, Saul Imbierowicz, who suddenly finds himself thrust into a desperate situation between the gangsters "Bugs" Moran, Al Capon, and the Feds. Everybody suddenly wants something from Saul, and they are using his family as leverage to get their way. What Saul doesn't know (but quickly finds out) is that vampires are not just the stuff of legends.

As a special offer we are making the ebook version of Unremarkable available for just 99 cents to celebrate the initial release. The ebook is available for Kindle and many other formats including Nook, Kobo, ePub, iBook, and others.

We hope you will pick up a copy of Unremarkable and that you enjoy it. If you like the book, we ask that you leave us comments either here, or on Amazon and Smashwords.

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