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Praiseworthy Reviews for Local Authors of "Unremarkable" by Geoff Habiger and Coy Kissee

St. Louis, MO, March 05, 2018 --( "Unremarkable," a recently-released speculative fiction novel by Albuquerque, New Mexico author Geoff Habiger and Lenexa, Kansas author Coy Kissee has received a starred review in the highly-respected venue US Review of Books.

Reviewer Michael Radon writes, “Readers with an interest in suspense, historical drama, or supernatural fiction are sure to discover a story here that is unlike anything they’ve ever read before.” He touts "Unremarkable" as a book that “creates historical fiction with a pulse - and a crime drama that embraces the impossible - blending it all together into a truly well-balanced and entertaining read.” Publisher Shadow Dragon Press is thrilled to have received such a strong and provocative review in this well-regarded book review venue.

But that’s not all, "Unremarkable" has also received glowing reviews from the likes of other highly-regarded book review venues such as Foreword Reviews, who offered that: “'Unremarkable' is, in fact, remarkable...a thrilling gangland drama that reveals unexpected supernatural depths.” And Publisher’s Weekly describes it as a “slim, atmospheric entry.”

"Unremarkable" tells the story of postal employee Saul Imbierowicz as he is unwittingly swept up in a citywide conflict between rival gangs, federal agents, and supernatural forces beyond his control. After striking out on his own from his overbearing Jewish family, Saul becomes involved with the seductive and mysterious Moira and gets mixed up in the events of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, witnessing the shooting and fleeing from the scene after Moira takes a bullet and is presumed dead. But Moira is far from dead, and Saul finds himself increasingly entangled in the rival factions seeking control over the city, coming face to face with Bugs Moran, Al Capone, and the federal agents pursuing both. Everybody wants something from Saul. Will he be able to save himself and his family, and uncover the supernatural secrets of the city, before it’s too late? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Geoff Habiger and Coy Kissee have been friends since their high school days in Manhattan, Kansas. The idea for their collaboration on "Unremarkable" was sparked on a trip to Chicago and the story line was fleshed out on the return drive back to Kansas City. The main story, and the characters were developed during a trip to GenCon later that year. That was over 7 years ago! Through Geoff’s steadfast dedication, and Coy’s staunch diligence, they managed to get Saul’s story finished.

Coy Kissee lives with his wife in Lenexa, Kansas, and Geoff Habiger lives with his wife and son in Tijeras, New Mexico.

ISBN: 978-1-932926-49-1 paperback ISBN: 978-1-932926-50-7 eBook Fantasy / Historical / Occult & Supernatural Thrillers / Spec Fiction Shadow Dragon Press / 5.5 x 8.5; 216 pages Soft Cover: $15.95 USD Distributed by Ingram Books

Press Contact: Jeanie C. Williams, Director PenPower Book Marketing Services 150 Washington Street, Suite 201 Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501 Telephone: 505.395-4540

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